Social Media, Digital, Print, Branding, Display Ads, Packaging, Technical Drawings, Textile and Motion Graphic Design
Packaging Designer

Able to conceptualize, and execute trendy designs, Create product rendering in Illustrator. Produce factory ready final art files for production. Proficient in templates, dielines to specs and brand quidelines.


Display Design:

Able to create Plano-grams for the POP for Store Display located in Large Wholesales stores. Costcos, Sam's and for Trade Shows.


Digital and Print Design

Proficient in Branding (Logo Design), Corporate Colleteral, Catalogs, Professional Sales Presentation, Line Sheets, Website Design. With strong typography from conception to completion.


Technical Sketches and Pattern Designs

Able to create technical sketchs of Product designs to send to factory to create. With Actual size specs. Create Illustrator product sketches. Create original patterns in Illustrator. Following the Trends from concept to final repeat, for product development.

Social Media and Motion Graphics
Able to design social-optimized email campaigns, banner ads, social media visual marketing asset, animated webs intros across all social channels while keeping consistency within the brand quideline.

Software Includes:

Proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop,  Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects. Able to Retouch Beauty, Fashion and Photo Composition for Print and Digital.
Also Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

UX Software Includes:
Sketch, XD, Dreamweaver and UX story flow. Coding: Basic knowledge of HTML, and CSS